Fruit  |  Week 7: Peace


In many ways, peace is an allusive term. It is more than the absence of war or conflict. It goes beyond a lack of the threat of violence. As much as anything else, peace is a feeling or a state of mind. Everywhere we look, anywhere we turn, there is violence, discomfort, division, and trouble. But somehow, in the face of all of this hardship and destruction, we can be at peace. In other words, there is no end to the troubles we encounter, yet in the midst of it all, we can find peace. In some Christian traditions, we pause during the Sunday service to “pass the peace”.  Imagine if we paused during our daily routines and interactions to do the same thing. Rather than speaking a harsh word or a disinterested greeting, we actually passed along the peace that we as followers of Jesus have found in Him. Maybe that is how we live out the command to be a light to the world.


READ John 16:33

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

READ the verse again and consider these related questions.

Consider the context of this verse; what are “these things” that Jesus has told them?


To what extent do you think “we will have trouble”?


How do the promises of Jesus lead to peace in the face of troubles?


Read Philippians 4:4-7


1. In order to the enjoy the peace of God, what steps do we need to take?


2. Does the promised peace of God mean the absence of trouble or life’s challenges?


3. As followers of Jesus, what does God’s peace guard our hearts and minds against?


4. Would you say that this passage generally describes your approach to life? How/why not?


Read Philippians 4:8-9


5. Verse 8 provides a list of descriptors for the kind of things upon which we should reflect. What do they all have in common?


6.  The call to “think about” such things isn’t casual or flippant. Why do you suppose that the peace of God will be with you as you meditate on these noble (et al) things in life in a calculated and serious way?


Read Luke 8:47-48


7. The healing came to the women as a result of her faith.  What else did she receive because of her faith? Explain.


8. How does being made at peace with God relate to having faith in Jesus?