Blessed | Week 2: Disentangled

The generally accepted norms, the often followed blueprints for success and the celebrated “me centric” attitudes of our culture are often contrary to who Jesus calls us to be. If we run after all of the trophies and accolades championed by the world, we are easily entangled and our priorities become misdirected. Jesus tells us that the first thing we should do is to seek after the example set by him. He is the standard of righteousness and justice. When we do, the things we need and desire will be given to us. His treasures are eternal, everything else is temporal and will fade away. When we cling to the promises of God in his word, we will be truly blessed.


Read 2 Perter 2:19


They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”


READ those verses again and consider these related questions.

We are driven by the things we live for. What warning signs may alert us to misdirected priorities?


Why is it impossible for freedom to be found in sin and depravity?


What is freedom in Christ? Where does it come from?





Read Matthew 5:7-12


1. Look at Matthew 18:23-35. Explain why it is important to view mercy as a two way street.


2. Compare v.8 to Psalm 51:9-12. How does a person’s heart become pure? 


3. At what point might the pure of heart “see God,” now or later?


4. Working to make peace is not just reserved for diplomats.  In what ways are every follower of Jesus called to be peacemakers? 


5. What kind of character should be present in a child of God? How does that reflect peacemaking?


6.  Read John 15:18-19. Carefully define “persecuted” in verses 10-11. 


7. How might we sometimes blame Jesus for our persecution when it actually results due to our own actions or attitudes?


8. If you embrace the Beatitudes as a lifestyle, how might the response from others be similar to how the OT prophets were seen in their time? (v.12)