Jesus Said | Week 2: Someplace New

The message of the Gospel, is in part, that Jesus makes all things new. When we embrace the message that Jesus is the Christ and that he has come to transform us, we are made new. Paul writes that, the old has gone and the new has come. That newness, takes us from where we are, to some place different. An arrival in this new place changes our perspectives and our expectations. We can no longer be confident that the answers to our questions will be found where the world leads us. This new place, brings us to an understanding that our hope is found only in Jesus.


Read John 10:10


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.


READ those verses again and consider these related questions.

Exceedingly, beyond, abundant; that is what our life is in Jesus. What kind of life is that describing?


In contrast to Jesus, the thief does three things. How do these things show up in our lives?


Describe our relationship with the thief vs. our relationship with Jesus. 





Read Mark 4:35-41


1. What is interesting about Jesus’ invitation in v.35?


2. Verse 36 remind us of two important requirements in following Jesus.  What are they?


3. What was the response of the disciples to the storm? What was the response of Jesus?


4. What do storms reveal about our faith and our understanding of Jesus?


Read Jeremiah 29:10-14


5. The context of this promise is that God’s people are in exile and will continue to be. How does this change the way you view this promise?


6. How can we prosper while we are in exile?


7. When do we seem to care most about our hope and future?


8. What does, “seek me with all of your heart” mean?


9. Why is a transformed life essential to navigate challenges?