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The Ten | Week 6 –Honor your father and your mother    

Jesus summarizes the whole of the Ten Commandments in two verses, love God and love your neighbor. The first four commandments are vertical and focus on God and the remaining six are horizontal and focus on neighbor. It seems fitting that parents are the first of our ‘neighbors’ to be addressed. Jesus Himself leads by example and sets the standard by which we should honor our father and mother.  In Luke chapter two, a twelve year-old Jesus is separated from His parents during a trip to Jerusalem. After a few days of anxious searching, they find Him in the Temple discussing matters with the Rabbis. The next verse describes how He returned home with them and “was obedient to them.” (v.51) The Eternal Son of God was submissive to and honored His earthly father and mother. What an example!.

READ Exodus 20:12 


Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.

READ this passage again and consider these related questions.


Why does God consider it important to honor our father and our mother?

What message is God trying to convey in the second part of this verse? 



Read: Lev 19:3, Deut 27:16, Lev 20:19, Deut 27:16, Prov 1:8-9 20:20 30:17, Luke 2:51, Mat 22:36-40, Eph 6:1-3, Jn 19:26-27, Mark 3:31-35, Col 3:13-14


1. What can we learn from Jesus’ example?


2. Why should we honor our father and our mother?


3. Are we to forgive our parents even if they weren’t the greatest examples or have done us harm?


4. How are we to project light into our families and households?


5. Can we be lying to ourselves by following the examples left by our culture and society for honoring our father and mother?


6. Is honoring our parents and fellow neighbor part of God's intention for all of humanity?


7. Was the fifth commandment meant to have us as His chosen believers lead by example?

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