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The Ten | Week 9 - Do not steal


 The Eighth Commandment is very clear, “Do not steal.” In other words, if it’s not yours, don’t take it. Stealing is defined as, the taking by force, or in secret, or by coercion without permission or right. There are no exceptions or loopholes.


Read Proverbs 11:1


 “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.”


Read this passage again and consider these related questions.


Explain why God hates “false balances”


Why does He delight in “just weights”?




Read Exo 20:15, Prov 1:10-19,20:23, Isa 61:8, Eze 22:23-31, Zech 5:1-4, Mic 2:1-3, 

Mat 6:19-20,21:12-13,22:21, John 2:14-17,12:6, Eph 4:28, Phi 2:14-15, Col 3:22-25, Luk 23:39-43, Tit 2:9-10, Rev 9:20-21.


1. What examples did Jesus leave us about stealing?

2. If we don’t honor God with our finances is that considered stealing?

3. Are there any ways around paying taxes in light of our government funding things we may not agree with?

4. Is oppression corruption or bribery a form of stealing? If so how are we to deal with it?

5. How can our integrity and work ethic influence others ideas or opinions about stealing?

6. Do we let our own sense of entitlement influence our definition of stealing?  


7. Do we find any consolation in knowing the ultimate end of those who don’t repent of their thefts? 

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