ASK | Week 1: Keep On Knocking


Sincere prayer, earnest prayer, desperate prayer; it all depends on our situation. God invites us to pray. This invitation shows up in many places in the Bible. Paul reminds us in the Letter to the Thessalonians to “pray without ceasing.” As followers of Jesus, we know that prayer is based upon a relationship. The better we know God, the more we seek Him, and the faith we have, helps to guide our prayers. That relationship makes all the difference; God is not a genie in a bottle. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe but He also loves us.


READ James 5:13


Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.


READ this passage again and consider these related questions.


Regardless of our situation, what does this verse tell us to do?


How are prayer and praise different? How are they similar?


What result does James expect? 





Read Matthew 7:7-12


1. What does verse 7 suggest about our need for prayer?


2. Looking at vv.7-8, if God’s promises are true, why does it seem like our prayers are not always answered?


3. In vv.9-10, the son is seeking what is good for him.  What must we take away from these verses?


4. What does v.11 tell us about God’s nature? Why is that important?


5. What does v.11 tell us about our nature? Why is that important? (read Romans 3:10-18; 23)


6. Look at v.12 and read Matthew 22:36-40.  What does it mean that “this sums the Law and the Prophets?”


7. How does this passage from Jesus remind us that our attitudes and motives matter when we pray?


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