ASK | Week 2: Looking in the Right Place


As followers of Jesus, we can trust that God will meet our needs. This promise shows up in various places in the Bible. Perhaps you have heard testimonies about missionaries who didn’t have food to feed their family and mysteriously a stranger drops by with groceries. Or maybe the witness of every day saints who tell of a hopeless situation that was solved in some unexpected and unexplainable way. God’s faithfulness is something that we can rest in and rest upon.


READ Philippians 4:9


And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.


READ this passage again and consider these related questions.


What does this verse say about Paul’s understanding of God?


If this is a promise, to whom is it being made?


Compare this verse to 2 Corinthians 9:8. What is the connection between needs and good works?





Read Matthew 6:25-27


1. Does this passage suggest that we do not need to plan for our future? What does it mean?


2. Verse 26 asks a question. What is this question meant to remind us of?


3. What attribute(s) of God can be seen in v.27?


Read Matthew 6:28-34


4. (vv.28-30) How should creation bolster our faith?


5. In vv.32-33, Jesus is suggesting that those who believe and those who do not have a different set of priorities. Describe what is different and why.


6. How do you define “kingdom” and “righteousness”?


7. What is the connection between seeking the kingdom/righteousness and receiving what we need?


8. Read James 2:18-20. Describe the connection between faith and works.


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